Monday, September 29, 2008

Access two servers using same domain name

Internet -->Website Server IIS6 --> Application Server IIS6

Right now when I am on my internal network I can go to in my web browser and the web based application will open. I know that an address of 192.168.x.x will not work outside of our local network. I want to be able to access the application that is on from the Internet. So, from the outside, I want to be able to go to, then have a link on our company website that will point them to the application on the other server. I would like our visitors to stay within our same domain. I can add a virtual directory in IIS on the website server that points to the web folder on the application server. Am I going down the right path with a virtual directory?

Ans -
If you have a separate dns entry for the 2nd application you could use host headers on the main server and have the 2nd domain get redirected to the 2nd server.

Or you could just identify a virtual directory in the main server and put some asp redirect that shuffles everything to the 2nd server.

Or if both computers are on the same lan, you could just let the main server be the only webserver using a virtual directoy mapped to the other server.


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