Thursday, September 25, 2008

Build a .NET App for Google Checkout

by Martin Omander

Google Checkout is a new service designed to make online shopping faster, safer, and more convenient by integrating with sites to help people pay for goods and services online. In this article, I'll explain how Google Checkout works, give you an overview of its API, and then show you how to develop an application for it using .NET. I've also included sample code for the application. (Full disclosure: I work for Google, where I help large merchants integrate with Google Checkout.)

To start, let's take Google Checkout for a spin. is one of the merchants that have integrated with Checkout. If you go to's website, put an item in your shopping basket, and click the Checkout link, you will see two ways of completing the purchase (Figure 1). You can either use's regular checkout process, or you can use Google's Checkout.


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