Friday, September 19, 2008

Early Adopters, Super Influencers, Chrome, Safari Use

Are You a Super Influencer?

A new report from Universal McCann discusses the rise of "a new breed of super influencers" that has been created by "the tools of the social media revolution." Before we all don our superhero capes, let's look more closely at the findings of the report.

Entitled When did we start trusting strangers? How the internet turned us all into influencers, the premise is that influence was moved beyond "professional and top down" (mainstream media) and into Web-enabled peer to peer influence. But despite McCann calling this a "democratisation of influence", all influencers are not equal. There are "super influencers" who are "extremely heavy users of social media, particularly in terms of content creation." Are you one of these people? Let's check out what the characteristics are...

The research was completed among 17,000 active internet users in 29 countries, according to McCann.

Who Are The Super Influencers?

Super influencers are heavy social media users, who also "fit the typical profile of early adopters who are likely to try new products, take risks and share their opinions with friends."...

Chrome Market Share: WebTrends Says 2%; Over 7% at ReadWriteWeb

Web analytics firm WebTrends reported today that mainstream Internet users are "embracing" the Google Chrome browser. In the third week since its launch, WebTrends states that Google Chrome is the fourth most popular browser used by visitors to the web site of The Daily Telegraph, Britain's highest selling newspaper. WebTrends puts the figure at "nearly 2 percent" of the total traffic to, which it says is more than Netscape, Mozilla, Opera and other browsers. Presumably the browsers above it are IE, Firefox and Safari.

Here at tech-focused site ReadWriteWeb, the last couple of weeks of Google Analytics data shows that about 7.25% of our readers are visiting using Chrome.

Here's a screenshot of RWW stats from the last couple of weeks:

Compare this to the month of August, when our browser stats looked like this:

Clearly Chrome has taken share from both Firefox (3.93%) and IE (4.7%), for our tech-savvy readers. However Safari's share has gone up a little on our site in September. Time will tell whether these trends continue, but for now Chrome is continuing at a solid 7% + for our site. Not bad when you consider that our readers are also statistically more likely than the general population to use Macs - which Chrome isn't available on yet. 18.28% of our August readers were Mac users, with 75.68% Windows.

More importantly, Chrome looks to be close to establishing itself as the 4th most popular browser in the mainstream market - which is bad news for Opera.

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