Monday, September 8, 2008

ASP/SQL Server Based Chat program

By cdidave

Simple ASP/SQL Server Chat application

This chat program was created simply because I didn’t want to buy one that had everything I wanted. This application is certainly not a complete application but it does take care of most general chat functions. I even included a few things some other applications don’t have such as smileys, language filters and room invitations.

Since I have a content management system that uses a domain_id identifier, I wanted to be able to offer the chat program to many of my clients without having to create a database for each one of them. So I added the domain_id identifier to allow many domains to use it without cross contamination. You will see that almost all functions will filter by this identifier.

The database is SQL Server. I tried to use an Access database but I had trouble getting Access to support multiple recordsets in a singe SQL call. Instead of describing the database in detail, I have included a script that will build the SQL database. The data_access.asp contains the username and password that is written into the SQL script. These can be changed as long as they are the same in both places. I use a separate config file when I integrate these. For the demo, I simply hard coded them.

Using the code
The code simply needs to be copied to any ASP virtual directory. No global.asa is needed. A database script is provided and just simply needs to be ran on the SQL Server with create database privileges.

In the install folder include/data_access.asp, simply replace the settings with your server info and you are all set. In my applications, this is an application variable. You may handle it however you wish.

default.htm is a sample of how you can integrate the chat into any page. Sessions are used to track user info and stuff like that but by changing the domain_id parameter, you can run as many simultaneous instances as you want.

Happy chatting!


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