Tuesday, September 9, 2008


By steve.csharp


So the other day, I was adding a “news page” to one of my projects, and thought it was a great chance to play with consuming some other RSS feeds that had related information to what I was working on. So, I started looking round, and found the RSS Toolkit that had an RSS Data Source control that is perfect for consuming RSS feeds – the toolkit actually does much more, you should have a read on Dmitry’s blog (he wrote the toolkit and is on the ASP.NET team) and download the toolkit here.

I have also used the ASP.NET AJAX Toolkit (which if you are unaware is a collection of controls for use with ASP.NET AJAX, it's an open source project with contributors from both MS and the community). The control I use is the Collapsible Panel control, so you can see a list of the blogs and click each to reveal the text.

You will need to have the ASP.NET AJAX RC1 extensions installed, which you can get from here.

Using the code

Simple page layout using CSS, the right panel contains a DataList control bound to the RssDataSource to display the blog items, the DataList control is wrapped in an asp:UpdatePanel. The item template in the DataList has a collapsiblepanelextender from the AjaxControlToolkit to display the description of the blog item.

Changing the selection of blog to view files, the asp:UpdateProgress panel is set to display, and the blog items are loaded and displayed. You can see on the blog list that I have simply shaded the background of the
  • element to show the active blog.

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