Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Step-by-Step tEarn install on Google's Blogger

Economics of Advertising presents:
tEarn Exitmercial NetworktEarn (Tag, Earn) has unveiled our multi-media, full page, exitmercial network. Success of the tEarn community promises: (1) 50 to 100 times higher eCPMs for publishers and bloggers (2) lower CPC and multi-fold ROI improvements for buyers. 50 out-of-the-box innovations enable this new marketplace. We're ready for phase two beta open enrollment. Future phases may require writer qualifications. Learn more at ady.tearn.com.
Start with your Blog

Create a tEarn Account

Setup your Publisher Profile

Copy your tag to the Clipboard

Login to Blogger
Click the layout tab from your Dashboard

Click 'Add a Gadget'
It's a link, Add the tag as a sidebar, footer, or body gadget

Paste your tEarn Tag from the Clipboard and Save

The tEarn tag has no visible parts on your website. It has zero footprint. Test the code by clicking any link that exits your blog.

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